Mailing Address

Development Services Dept
Code Enforcement Unit
P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, Texas

Request for Code Services

Residents: 311
   Outside: (210) 207 6000

Office Phone Numbers

Phone: (210) 207 7881
FAX: (210) 207 0199

Junk Vehicles

The keeping of junk vehicles is prohibited within San Antonio city limits.

The City prohibits the keeping of a junked vehicle in ordinary public view. Any inoperable motor vehicle without a current safety inspection sticker or current license plate can be considered a junked motor vehicle. A $200.00 per day fine can be imposed on owners of junked motor vehicles and/or the vehicle could be towed and destroyed if the violation is not corrected within 10 days of receipt of notification.

City Code: 19-358
City of San Antonio Code of Ordinances (Municode)