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Central Services

Central Services is the City’s in-house print and mail facility responsible for supporting all City departments with their print and mail needs. Central Services has a full time staff of 5 employees with an allocated budget of 1.7 million dollars. Central Services offers an array of printing services which include black & white, and color reproduction of documents such as forms, flyers, agendas, postcards, books and letters which provide important information between City staff , and the constituents who they serve.

Central Services is conveniently located at 416 Dolorosa, walking distance from City Hall and various other departments. Beginning in 2009 Central Services primary focus has been to increase operational efficiencies in an effort to reduce cost to other departments. With competitive procurement initiatives of high capacity network printers, and investing wisely in technology Central Services has attained increased production output with decreased resources, maintaining measurable improvements in turnaround time completing 75% of all print request in less than eight hours. Central Services print shop is quickly becoming the City’s "One Stop Print Shop".

Central Services Manager

Guillermo Castoreno - Phone: (210) 207-8441 |  Fax: (210) 207-4176

Printing Services

Printing Services
Print Shop - (210) 207-8440
The Print Shop provides full service color printing and reproduction for all City Departments. To reduce costs, expand services and increase efficiency, equipment is aligned strategically on the network for Citywide access.

Mail Services

Mail Services
Tony M. Garcia - (210) 207-8891
The Mailroom covers various mail routes to assure efficiency in the delivery and processing of U.S. and City Departmental mail. Main clerks train with the U.S. Postal Service and law enforcement officials to continue enhancements towards better security and postal screening.

Office Supplies

Office Supplies

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