Mailing Address

Development Services Dept
Code Enforcement Unit
P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, Texas

Request for Code Services

Residents: 311
   Outside: (210) 207 6000

Office Phone Numbers

Phone: (210) 207 7881
FAX: (210) 207 0199

Field Enforcement Units

Code Enforcement Officers who respond to complaints directly from citizens or the 311 customer service line.

There are 81 Code Enforcement Officers assigned to Ten Field Enforcement Units. Each Unit provides inspection and enforcement services across the city as outlined below. These units respond to complaints received from citizens, the City's 311 system, and on a proactive basis.

What is my Council District?
Map of City Council Districts

North Central Unit (District 1) Southwest Unit (District 4)
Richard Zertuche, Supervisor 210.213.3642 Jennifer Garza, Supervisor 210.416.5823
Field Unit Map  Field Unit Map
Central Unit (District 1 & 2) West Central Unit (District 5)
Danny Liguez, Supervisor 210.416.2157 Alice Guajardo, Supervisor 210.416.5845
Field Unit Map Field Unit Map
Northeast Unit (District 2) West Unit (District 5 & 6)
Fernando Munoz, Supervisor
Michael Uresti, Supervisor
Field Unit Map  Field Unit Map
East Unit (District 2 & 3) Northwest Unit (District 7 & 8)
John Kelly, Supervisor 210.416.5839 Denise Hastings, Supervisor 210.416.5851
Field Unit Map Field Unit Map
Southeast Unit (District 3) North Unit (District 9 & 10)
Dale Russell, Supervisor
David Simpson, Supervisor
Field Unit Map  Field Unit Map

To find code officer assignments by Council District, click on the links below:

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Council District 2 Council District 7
Council District 3 Council District 8
Council District 4 Council District 9
Council District 5 Council District 10

Field Units