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The City Clerk oversees a staff of twenty in three divisions: The Office of the City Clerk, Elections Division, and the Municipal Archives & Records. Elections Division personnel plan and supervise preparations for municipal elections, while the Municipal Records Facility is responsible for the storage and retention of official records. The remainder of the staff functions in the Office of the City Clerk itself, performing the myriad duties involved in maintaining the official records of the City of San Antonio, to include the administration of the City's Ethics code.

In addition to its overall mission of maintaining the official records of the City of San Antonio, the City Clerk also:

  • Prepares for and conducts all City Council meetings, public hearings and work sessions
  • Processes many types of licenses, bonds and insurance documents
  • Prepares all ceremonial items for the Mayor and Council
  • Sells and distributes copies of the City Code; Code supplements, and other City publications
  • Processes and maintains all records of appointments to various boards and commissions
  • Accepts claims filed
  • Accepts petitions filed by citizens
  • Responsible for the conduct of municipal elections of the City of San Antonio, including City council elections and run-offs as well as elections dealing with bond issues, referendums, initiatives, and revisions of the City Charter
  • Proper administration of┬áthe records of the City
  • Opening of official bids for the City
  • Publication of official notices