Major Records Management Program

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The City of San Antonio’s Municipal Archives & Records (MARs) staff, working with the Development Services and Information Technology Services departments, has completed a major records management project to identify, classify, inventory and bar code over 25,000 architectural drawings.

Knowing the sheer volume of their record holdings,the Development Services Department was understandably overwhelmed by the prospect of having to inventory the architectural drawings prior to their acceptance for storage at the MARs. During the course of discussing the project with the client, it was revealed that Development Services staff routinely logged requests for building permits into a legacy mainframe computer application. Working with the Information Technology Services Department, MARs Staff was able to extract certain information from the mainframe application using simple delimited files. This information was then imported into an MS Access database and compared against the Texas State Library and Archives Commission records retention schedules for records of this type, which are governed by the Commission’s PW schedule.

The purpose of the architectural drawing (new structures, interior renovations, etc) and whether the drawings were, or were not, granted permits determines the length of retention. This information was also imported into the MS Access database and, upon importation of the delimited files, the records were automatically assigned the appropriate classification codes and retention periods. Each architectural drawing is assigned a bar code number, which is affixed to the drawing and "mated" with a shelf location. The exact location of a drawing can be determined in seconds.

For more information or a demonstration of the process, contact Tina Flores at (210) 207-6993.

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