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Welcome to the Development Services Customer Advocate Section.  The Customer Advocate Section's goal is to ensure you have a great experience in conducting business with Development Services.  This Section is divided into the following teams to meet your specific needs.

Completeness and Assignment Review Team - This team will review your commercial and residential plan submittal documents to ensure you have all of the required information.  Checklists have been developed as Information Bulletins (IB's) to assist in understanding the minimum information needed on commercial plans to be accepted for review.  Those checklists are located under quick links.  If you are submitting a project with multiple buildings on one lot with the same address, please use the multiple building form.  A project with multiple buildings on separate lots with different addresses requires separate applications for each address and will receive separate building permit numbers (AP #).

Permits, Licenses, Certificates of Occupancy Team - This team will issue your trade permits, register your state license or renew your City license, and issue Certificates of Occupancy.  The department also has an on-line permitting system that allows customers to obtain Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing, and some minor residential repair permits on-line.  The on-line system also allows customers to apply for a residential building permit.  Currently 78% of MEP permits are issued on line and 73% of residential building permits are submitted on-line.

Call Center Team - This team answers Development Services' main telephone line - (210) 207-1111, schedules inspections, releases utilities to City Public Service, and posts engineering letters and other reports to clear your inspections.  Our on-line permitting system allows customers to schedule inspections.  Currently 70% of inspections are scheduled on-line.

Staff Information:

CAR Team
Josh Garcia        (210) 207-0143

Permits, Licenses, Certificate of Occupancy Team
Rachel Young    (210) 207-0141

Call Center
Jose Delgado         (210) 207-1325

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