Developer Delays - Top 10 Plan Review Discrepancies

BUILDING (Residential)

  • Subdivision plat not approved or recorded at plan submittal
  • Legal description and plans not matching
  • Incomplete set of plans, documents missing
  • Wrong foundation/site plan submitted
  • Lot does not meet minimum lot size
  • Plans not in compliance for zoning regulations
  • Building setbacks not maintained
  • Application indicates septic tank, requiring approval from Bexar County
  • Site plans missing easement indications, or construction over easements
  • Energy report incomplete

BUILDING (Commercial)

  • Lack of a recorded plat
  • Incomplete site plan, no recognized platted lot with all easements, lot dimensions, multiple buildings need multi-bldg form, etc.
  • Incomplete application; missing documents such as asbestos surveys
  • Lack of general design compliance; such as showing windows where the code prohibits them
  • Incomplete project details such missing plan sheets enumerated in the index or referenced within the plan set
  • Life-safety design compliance issues, such as lack of stairs, exit elements
  • The required exterior wall protection is not met
  • The fire wall system does not meet the structural separation requirements
  • Information provided on the building envelope energy report does not coordinate with the plans
  • The provided assemblies do not meet the required fire-resistive rating based on the proposed/required type of construction

ELECTRICAL (Commercial)

  • Plans submitted with no information
  • Plans not sealed by engineer when required by state law or local ordinance
  • Disconnecting means for HVAC equipment does not comply
  • Lighting compliance certificate missing, not signed, or plans do not match and lighting is not in compliance with the recommended IECC
  • Multiple services to one building not in compliance with CPS standards
  • Location of service and panels is not indicated or is in a noncompliant location
  • Electrical equipment and feeders not in compliance with proposed load
  • Grounding electrode system is not in compliance
  • Load calculations/one line diagram of feeders and panel schedules are missing or incorrect
  • Insufficient information regarding emergency systems to include fire pumps and generators

MECHANICAL (Commercial)

  • Inadequate access and service space
  • Combustible material in return air plenum
  • Lack of fire and smoke dampers when required
  • Duct insulation requirements inadequate
  • Using rated corridor as a return air plenum
  • Equipment not meeting the minimum energy efficiency ratio as required by IECC
  • Plans not sealed by engineer when required by state law
  • Lack of IECC compliance report
  • Dryer exhaust exceeds
  • ft. length limitation
  • Inadequate details to convey code compliance

PLUMBING (Commercial)

  • Undersized gas pipe
  • Not enough restrooms
  • Insufficient amount of toilets, urinals in restrooms
  • Combination waste/vent not properly sized, vented and properly installed per code
  • Grease interceptor undersized
  • Drainage risers not properly illustrated as per fixtures, sized drain trap, ventilation in approved manner
  • Plans submitted without proper layout of roof, overflow drains where parapet walls are involved
  • Plans not complete, lack of detail of work being done
  • Plan referred to wrong code/use of incorrect codes or standards (not to date)
  • Sewer piping not correctly sloped as per the Uniform Plumbing Code


  • Inadequate hose lay
  • Fire Flow report is missing
  • Inadequate fire hydrant coverage
  • Improper hazardous material storage
  • Missing commodity letter
  • Improper storage of flammable or combustible liquids
  • Incomplete site plan for fire protection
  • Inadequate fire lane
  • Improper storage of flammable or combustible liquids
  • Inadequate roadways or access for fire trucks

TRAFFIC (Commercial)

  • Site does not meet minimum parking required
  • Submit a site plan to scale showing existing and proposed improvements for the entire site
  • Clarify the uses and areas (square feet, gross floor area) for the existing buildings on site
  • A minimum
  • foot throat is required, delete parking spaces as required
  • Only one approach is allowed along A Rd.
  • A minimum foot corner clearance is required, relocate proposed approach as required
  • TIA is currently under review, fee pending
  • Submit a plan and profile to determine curb feasibility and placement
  • Sidewalks and approaches shall be reconstructed to current City and TAS specifications
  • Engineer/Architect shall address all redline comments/stamps prior to next submittal

DRAINAGE (Commercial)

  • Drainage information currently under review by Platting Land Development/Drainage information currently under Storm Water Engineering- Public Works to determine if Fee-In-Lieu-Of Detention is acceptable or if Detention is required
  • Provide Water Surface Elevations, cross-sections for Detention Pond/outfall structures
  • Provide Q and velocity calculations and depth for flow discharging through saw tooth curb/sidewalk box drains/approaches
  • Show flow path taken to derive Time of Concentration (Tc) and justify the existing and proposed Tc.
  • Minimum pipe size in a Drainage Easement/ROW does not meet requirement of 24 inches
  • No structures/retaining walls shall be erected within the Drainage Easement. Engineered prints required for retaining walls greater than three feet.
  • Submit a site grading plan illustrating existing/proposed contours based off a USGS benchmark
  • For proposed CMP/HDPE pipe in Drainage ROW/Easement, submit a warranty letter from the Manufacturer's Engineer asserting the pipe will have a minimum life expectancy of 50 years
  • An original Storm Water Management Participation Form with original signatures shall be submitted
  • Site resides in the
  • 0-year Flood Plain and a Development Permit may be required

TREE (Commercial)

  • Need 3rd copy of plan
  • Trees missing from survey
  • Inadequate root protect zone
  • Incorrect preservation calculation
  • Incorrect TA/trees on site
  • Tree inventory incorrect
  • Incorrect measurements/species
  • Need tree preservation notes
  • Tree preservation details

LANDSCAPE (Commercial)

  • Landscape: Need electives/point calculations
  • Wheel-curb stops
  • Need/correct shading calculations
  • Show size of plants to be used
  • Need mandatory shade parking area
  • Diversify plants for screening
  • Inadequate root protect zone
  • Need landscape architect seal
  • Buffers: adjoining street and adjoining zoning districts
  • Missing third copy of plan

IRRIGATION (Commercial)

  • Letter of conformity not attached or on plan
  • Meter backflow, master valve, electric valves, controller, and rain stat not shown in design
  • Head spacing and correct nozzle do not show typical arc of heads used
  • Water schedule not shown on plan
  • Missing detail sheet
  • Missing typical arcing,
  • 0% coverage with no overspray
  • Need to show bubblers for all new trees
  • Missing pressure loss calculations
  • Need to show point of connection on plan
  • Missing third copy of plan

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