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Pablo G. Martinez, P.E.
Development Services Engineer

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Fax: (210) 207-4441
Development Services Department
1901 S. Alamo Street
San Antonio, Texas 78283-3966

NEW - Rough Proportionality Information
HB Agenda

    - Introduction to Rough proportionality and HB 1835
    - Overview of New San Antonio UDC Requirements
    - New UDC Applied to Sample Developments
    - Preliminary TIA/Rough Proportionality Process Guide
    - Preliminary TIA Scoping Meeting Checklist
    - TIA Threshold Worksheet and Turn Lane Assessment

From the Desk of the Development Services Engineer
The men and women within the Engineering and Environmental Section of the Land Development section of Development Services are responsible for conducting consistent timely technical reviews of streets, streetlights, performance guarantees bonds, Traffic Impact Analysis, environmental (trees) review, subdivision construction inspections, flatwork, sidewalk, and traffic inspections, compliance with COSA sidewalk ordinances, and processing of administrative exceptions & variances. We are all committed to working with the developers, engineers and citizens of San Antonio to provide for safe & efficient transportation  in San Antonio and the ETJ and to ensure responsible implementation of the amended Landscaping Ordinance adopted by Council on January 2001 and the Tree Preservation Ordinance adopted by City Council on March 13, 2009. We also respond to a broad range of inquiries from citizens, HOAs, government officials and other cities.

I invite you to contact us and give us the opportunity to serve your needs.

Engineering and Environmental Mission Statement
The Engineering and Environmental Section will conduct timely / consistent technical reviews and construction inspections, while working with the community to provide for safe / efficient transportation in the San Antonio area.

1. Improve Customer Service by
     a. Encouraging the use of email for questions and scheduling inspections
     b. Encouraging customers to schedule meeting instead of walk-in
     c. Facilitating solutions
2. Reduce the Cycle time for plans/plat reviews
3. Empower reviewers with authority to approve/disapprove reviews
4. Perform High Quality, Consistency Construction and Environmental Inspections
5. Improve the acceptance/approval letter process and reduce cycle time through automation and the use of 
     Hansen Wave B
6. Develop and publish FAQs, SOPs, and Code interpretations
7. Develop and publish checklist for all activities
8. Implement Hansen Wave B

Organization and Process
Organizational Chart
Bldg DSD Traffic Review Process
MDP DSD Traffic Review Process
Plat DSD Traffic Review Process
Zone DSD Traffic Review Process

Construction Inspections
Inspector Areas

Scheduling an inspection for flatwork (residential or commercial) using the Hansen system
Call 210-207-1111 or use the Web site and provide the following information
     Permit (A/P) number
     Contractor contact name and phone number
     Time when ready to be inspected
     Type of inspection
           If Residential Provide:
            -- Name of subdivision and location;
            -- Which side of town;
            -- Whether sidewalk or driveway;
            -- Whether the subdivision is old or new, otherwise the inspection does not get assigned to an inspector
               and  scheduled.
           If Commercial
            -- Have an approved set of plans on site;
           If New Commercial or a Change of Use, the plans must have traffic notes.
           Note -- If requesting a commercial inspection but the plans have no traffic notes, we are unable to conduct
                        an inspection.

Scheduling an inspection for subdivision streets and drains
Email or call inspector directly and provide the following information
-- Subdivision name
-- Type of inspection needed (street, sidewalk, or drain)
-- Time ready
-- Contact name and phone number

Scheduling a weekend inspection
Notification for a weekend inspection must be received by Friday noon. The inspection fee is $100 per hour, two hours minimum, paid in advance. The contractor must establish an escrow account with the PDSD Business Assistance Center Permits and Licenses Team. The escrow account must contain enough funds to cover the entire period of the anticipated inspection.

Requesting a Residential preliminary inspection
Provide the following information
-- A/P or plat number
-- Address
-- Contractor contact name and phone number
-- Time for onsite inspection

Requesting a Commercial preliminary inspection
Commercial preliminaries go through the traffic and drainage review section.
Provide site plan of property and all existing conditions around the property.
The traffic and drainage review section will provide Construction Inspection with the information needed. Construction Inspection will conduct an on-site inspection.
Construction Inspection will provide preliminary results to the traffic and drainage review section.
The traffic and drainage review section will contact the party requesting the preliminary to have them add the site plan comments to the approved set of plans prior to construction.
Note -- A Certificate of Occupancy (C/O) or Change of Use (COO) request should be coordinated with the traffic and drainage review section to gather all the information needed before calling for traffic inspections.

Resources (Forms, Documents and Checklists):

IB 535 - Construction Inspections and Warranty Bond Process
Courtesy Inspection Letter - Streets
Courtesy Inspection Letter - Drainage
Reasons for failing a Traffic Inspection
Top 10 Inspection Comments
Subdivision Pre-final Checklist
Streetlight Flyer

Variance form: COSA Variance Form
COSA Sidewalk Preliminary Inspection Checklist sidewalk checklist
New SW Ordinance May06
Requirements for Sidewalk construction on Public ROW

Performance Guarantees 2010

Resources (Forms, Documents and Checklists):
Bid Items - Signs
Variance form: CoSA Variance Form
Major Plan Check List
MDP Check List
Minor street Plats

Traffic & TIA
Resources (Forms, Documents and Checklists):
TIA Permitting & Zoning Worksheet

Environmental Section

Contact Us
Pablo G. Martinez, P.E. iDevelopment Services Engineer i 207-0265
Juan M. Ramirez, P.E.  i Engineer, Streets   i 207-0281
Robert C Martinez  i Senior Engineering Technician, Streets & Drainage  i 207-8043
Jesse T. Muniz, P.E. iEngineer, Traffic Impact Analysis  i 207-5732
June Puente  i Senior Engineering Technician, Streets & Drainage  i 207-8075
Brenda Guzman  i Engineering Technician, Bonds & Intake  i 207-6310
Carlos Zuniga  i Engineering Technician, Street Lights & Intake  i 207-5025
Elwerd Weiderhold  i Assistant Chief Construction Inspector  i 218-2935
Toribio Samaniego  i Senior Construction Inspector  i 827-9265
Jesse Ruiz   i Senior Construction Inspector   i 323-2378
John Pardo  i Construction Inspector  i 844-2609
Donny Reyes   i Construction Inspector   i 288-0494  
Mark Bird i City Arborist i 207-0278
Armando Cortez i Tree/Landscape Inspectori 260-9219
Eric Rodriguez i Tree/Landscape Inspector i 213-0336

Links to
The Disability Access Office
The Unified Development Code
Standard Details for Construction
Standard Specifications for Construction
Sidewalk and Driveway Guidelines 2006




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