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As part of Plan Review Section of Development Services, the Plans Management Team functions primarily as a liaison between customers and Plans and Permits staff. This is accomplished mainly by coordinating meetings such as Preliminary Plan Review (see Information Bulletin 116) meetings, Plan Reviews by Appointment (see Information Bulletin 128), and other meetings as needed. This team also provides administrative support for the approximate 70 staff that makes up the Plans and Permits Section. As the “heart” of Plan Review, we keep staff informed of policy changes, changes in projects, and upcoming deadlines and meetings. Please call 210-207-1111 option 0 to obtain general information regarding your plans..

What is a Preliminary Plan Review (PPR) meeting?
PPR meetings allow the owner and/or owner’s agent(s) to meet with DSD staff to discuss preliminary design and/or construction issues. These meetings help expedite the design, plans review and permitting process by assisting the owner, design team and DSD staff identify items that need to be addressed or modified before construction plans are submitted to the City for permit review. Please refer to DSD Information Bulletin No. 116 for the department’s PPR meeting procedures.

What is a Plan Review by Appointment (PRBA)?
Plan Review by Appointment (PRBAs) is an expedited plan review service for certain types of projects. In order to use this plans review option, the customer first submits a competed PRBA Request Form to the Plans Management staff as outlined in Information Bulletin No. 128. If the request is approved by DSD, a PRBA date is determined based upon availability and customer request. A complete submittal package is submitted to the DSD a minimum of fifteen (15) working days prior to the date of the appointment. At the end of the expedited plan review, the design team and owner meet with the COSA DSD staff to resolve any denial comments identified during the plans review. The goal is to be able to release a building permit no later than one (1) business day after the PRBA.

PRBAs are limited to projects that meet all the following conditions:

• Buildings three (3) stories or less in height;
• Buildings having a total floor area of 50,000 sq.ft. or less (***If shell  
  only, then buildings having a total floor area of 100,000 sq.ft. or less);
• Buildings limited to one (1) or more of the following occupancy
  types: Group A-2, A-3, B, E, M (shell only) and S (shell only).
• Property is to be properly zoned for intended use.
• Property is already platted properly at time of PRBA request.

As outlined in Information Bulletin No. 128, additional fees are charged to the plans review and permitting of projects that are submitted under the PRBA process.

What is a Code Modification Request (CMR)?
During the design of a project, the owner and/or owner’s agent may wish to apply for an alternative material, design and/or method of construction or other modification to any provision of the City’s building construction codes. To do this, the customer is to submit a Code Modification Request (CMR) to DSD Plans and Permits as outlined in Information Bulletin No. 114. DSD staff reviews the CMR and generally returns an approval or denial to the customer within two (2) weeks. If additional information is required from the owner and/or owner’s agent, additional time may be required for DSD to reach a decision. The customer is required to submit six (6) copies of the CMR and any supporting documentation, plus a check for the CMR application and review fee - currently $350 for each CMR.

What is a Partial Permit?
Partial permits are permits for portions of the project which have received partial plan approval and are issued before the full project is approved. The applicant will receive approved plans for the partial work being performed under a new building permit number. Typically, a partial permit may include one or more of the following:

• Site Grading and/or Utilities
• Foundation or Basement Excavation
• Building Footing and Foundation § Structural Superstructure
• Building Shell

Please refer to Information Bulletin No. 125 for further details on partial permits and the process of requesting and obtaining them.

What is a Conditional Permit?
Conditional permits are building permits issued to allow construction to proceed at the owner’s own risk with the stipulation that certain conditions will be met prior to a certain event or date (i.e., rezoning and/or platting; resolution of outstanding plan review denial, special inspections, etc.). Please refer to Information Bulletin No. 125 for further details on conditional permits and the process of requesting and obtaining them.

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Plans Coordinator
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Forms and Applications:
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Residential Building Permit Application
Commercial Building Permit Application

Information Bulletins:
Overall list  
IB 103 – Plan Review Submittal (Commercial Checklist)
IB 110 – Accessing Plan Review Comments Online
IB 111 – Procedure for Submitting Responses to Plans Review Denial Comments IB 114 – Code Modification Requests
IB 115 – Code Interpretation Requests
IB 116 – Preliminary Plan Review Meetings
IB 124 – Administrative Exception Variance Request Procedures
IB 125 – Partial and Conditional Permits  

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