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IB 101 - Residential Checklist

IB 103 - Plan Review Submittal (Commercial Checklist for foundations, building shells and first-time interior finish outs)

IB 106 - Demolition Permit Application

IB 107 - Fire Sprinkler Permit Application and Checklist

IB 122 - Fire Alarm Permit Application and Checklist

IB 171 - Retaining Walls

Commercial Remodel Permit Application

Site work Permit Applications

Ways to Expedite Your Project

IB 116 - Preliminary Plan Review Meetings

IB 125 - Conditional Permits

IB 128 - Plan Review by Appointment

IB 108 - Fast Track Fire Sprinkler Permits

IB 120a - Fast Track Metal Stud Permits (tenant finish-out)

IB 120b - Fast Track Electrical Permits (tenant finish-out)

IB 120c - Fast Track Mechanical Permits (tenant finish-out)

IB 120d - Fast Track Plumbing Permits (tenant finish-out)

IB 123 - Fast Track Fire Alarm System Permits

3rd Party Certification Programs

IB 100 - Review/Certification of One- and Two-Family Dwelling Plans

IB 102a - Professional Engineer Certification of Fire Alarm Plans

IB 102b - Professional Engineer Certification of Fire Sprinkler Plans

IB 185 - Smoke Control System Submittal Requirements

Plan Reviewer Comments

IB 110 - Access Plan Review Comments

IB 111 - Respond to Plan Review Comments


The Plan Review Section (see organizational chart) is responsible for assisting customers in understanding and complying with the City's current building codes and Unified Development Code.  The section reviews building plans for: zoning, fire, building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, traffic, tree, landscape, and irrigation.  Since City development involves partnerships with other City departments and outside agencies, the Plan Review Section coordinates reviews with the following entities: Public Works, Office of Historic Preservation,  Health, Planning & Community Development, Aviation, and San Antonio Water System.

The department has an on-line, interactive Development Process Manual that outlines a series of steps designed to guide you through the process of developing your land and obtaining your Certificate of Occupancy.

The Completeness and Assignment Review Team (CAR) provides one-stop services for those customers seeking permits that require submittal of detailed plans for review and approval prior to issuance of permit.  Upon submittal, the plans are reviewed by the CAR team for completeness and then assigned/routed to appropriate City review agencies for technical review and approval.  Checklists have been developed as Information Bulletins (IBs) to assist customers in understanding the minimum information needed on plans to be accepted for review.   Those IBs are listed on this page under Quick Links.

The department also develops and publishes Code Interpretations (CI's).  IB 115 describes the process to request a formal Code Interpretation.  In the event, you need a code modification, please refer to IB 114 - Code Modification Request Procedures.

Timely service is a high priority for Development Services.  The department posts its performance measures to its website on a monthly basis.  In order to expedite your project, the department offers special services such as (1) After-Hour Plan Review, (2) Preliminary Plan Review Meetings, (3) Plan Review by Appointment, and (4) Conditional Permits.

Other programs and Information Bulletins have been developed to provide valuable information prior to the full design of a project and to help expedite the construction phase of a project. Many of these services, such as fast track permits (see Quick Links) will help save time and will allow construction to begin while a full review has not yet been completed.

The department offers over the counter review for certain types of construction. 

The department has several programs to allow 3rd party review in order to expedite the review process.  These programs are also found under Quick Links.

To access plan review comments online, please see IB 110. To respond to plan review comments, please see IB 111.

Note:  All new engineers, plans examiners, and plans examiner supervisors are required to be nationally certified in their discipline within a specific period of time.


Richard Chamberlin, PE

Development Services Engineer

Plan Review Section

(210) 207-8281

(210) 207-6377 (Fax)


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