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Welcome to the Traffic/Sidewalk Review division of DSD  Plans and Permits (see DSD Plans and Permits Organization Chart). Our mission is to provide quality customer services by effectively facilitating the development process while protecting the health, safety, and public welfare of the community. We hope the information here will help facilitate your project in the permitting process.

We review plans to ensure their compliance with the Unified Development Code, UDC, and adopted amendments (see UDC). We primarily utilize Article III Zoning and Article V Development Standards of the UDC when determining compliance. DSD also relies on the City of San Antonio Sidewalk and Driveway Design and Construction Guidelines (COSA Sidewalk and Driveway Guidelines) for requirements related to flatwork construction (e.g., sidewalk, driveway/approach, curb, etc.).

The Traffic/Sidewalk Review consists of the following five key elements:

1.   Verify Building Permit with reviewed Plat (e.g., location of easements, Traffic  Impact Analysis (TIA) approval conditions, Right-Of-
       Way (ROW) dedication,  public improvements, etc.); and

2.   Ensure compliance with UDC minimum requirements, including but not limited to the following:
       a.   Site access and improvements (i.e., driveways, clear vision in accordance  with AASHTO, parking and loading standards,
              etc.); and
       b.   Accessible elements (i.e., parking, accessible route, sidewalks, ramps,  medians, etc.); and
       c.   Substandard Existing Streets  Plan & Profiles (i.e., ROW dedication, sidewalks, curbs, and pavement improvements); and

3.   Recommend Administrative Exception Variance Requests (AEVRs) for minor  noncompliance issues; and

4.   Coordinate with other DSD staff to ensure requirements do not result in conflicting information (i.e., discussion with other plan
       reviewers, inspectors, engineers, etc.); and

5.   Perform site assessments related the developed/undeveloped property.

DSD has developed several Information Bulletins (IB’s) to assist you in the permitting process:

• IB 103 – Plan Review Submittal (Commercial Checklist)
• IB 110 – Accessing Plan Review Comments
• IB 111 – Responses to Plan Review Comments
• IB 114 – Code Modification Request Procedures
• IB 116 – Preliminary Plan Review Meetings
• IB 124 – Administrative Exception Variance Request Procedures
• IB 125 – Partial and Conditional Building Permits

For the complete list of information bulletins that may help facilitate your project, click here.

If a project does not comply with the UDC requirements, the applicant may submit an Administrative Exception Variance Request (AEVR) in accordance with IB 124. The AEVR includes applicable UDC related items, including sidewalks.

For more information regarding the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS), please refer to the following link:  #1.3

For plan status, you may use your AP Number, AP Type, Address, or Contractor Name.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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