Funding Sources


The Department of Housing and Urban Development's Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP 1), under Title III of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, will provide emergency assistance to acquire and redevelop the City's foreclosed properties. NSP 1 funds will assist with the purchase of foreclosed or abandoned homes and to rehabilitate, resell, or redevelop these homes in order to stabilize neighborhoods. Please click on link for map of eligible areas.

For further information, refer to the City of San Antonio's application to HUD or the City of San Antonio's Neighborhood Stabilization Program Guidelines.

Performance Reports:

1st Quarter (4/1/09 - 6/30/09)                        9th Quarter (4/1/11-6/30/11)

2nd Quarter (7/1/09 - 9/30/09)                       10th Quarter (7/1/11-9/30/11)

3rd Quarter (10/1/09 - 12/30/09)                    11th Quarter (10/1/11-12/31/11)

4th Quarter (1/1/10 - 3/31/10)                        12th Quarter (1/1/12-3/31/12)

5th Quarter (4/1/10 - 6/30/10)                        13th Quarter (4/1/12-6/30/12)

6th Quarter (7/1/10-9/30/10)                          14th Quarter (7/1/12-9/30/12)

7th Quarter (10/1/10-12/31/10)                       15th Quarter (10/1/12-12/30/12)

8th Quarter (1/1/11-3/31/11)                          16th Quarter (1/1/13-3/31/13)

Forms for NSP 1