The Home Investment Partnership (HOME) Program is a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant program administered by the City of San Antonio, as a participating jurisdiction (PJ). Per HUD HOME regulations defined at 24 CFR 92.2 and implemented at 92.300 and 92.500, PJs are required to set-aside 15 percent of their HOME allocation for Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs). These CHDO funds can be obtained by qualified/certified non-profit organizations that act as an owner, developer, or sponsor of a HOME-eligible project. A CHDO may serve in one of these roles or in a combination of roles, such as being owner and developer.

CHDO Policy Procedure and Standards

The City has three certification applications that may be completed as described below:

New CHDO Certification Application
A new CHDO certification application must be completed by those organizations that have not been certified previously within the past 18 months.

CHDO Re-Certification Application
A Re-certification application may be completed and submitted by those organizations that have received a certification in the previous 3 to 18 months.

CHDO Affidavit
The CHDO Affidavit form may be utilized by those organizations that have received a certification within 90 days of the affidavits submission.