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information for city of san antonio Civilian Employees & retirees

The City has included in its 2011 State Legislative Program, proposed legislation related to pension benefits through TMRS. A plan change was adopted for 2010 removing the annually repeating Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) feature for retirees, which was resulting in significant increases to the City's contribution to maintain these benefits. In an effort to manage future contribution rates, the City will initiate or support legislation that provides for an additional option to cities to elect COLAs for you, which are not subject to current retroactivity provisions and provides the City the ability to grant additional payments (e.g., 13th check) to you. This proposed legislation will provide additional flexibility and options for managing pension costs while providing a sound pension plan for the City. To learn more, contact Human Resources Customer Service at (210) 207-8705 or

The City understands the importance of employees’ retirement pension benefits and has engaged employees by seeking input through focus groups, surveys, a project team and task force. These efforts have been key to creating a plan of action to continue reviewing and addressing the fund.

The City has two committees that are working on TMRS issues for employees and retirees.

TMRS Task Force Members:

  • Pat DiGiovanni, Deputy City Manager
  • Ben Gorzell, Chief Financial Officer
  • Elizabeth Braune, Human Resource Director
  • Maria Villagomez, Office of Management & Budget Interim Director
  • Nikki Ramos, Assistant Human Resources Director
  • Troy Elliott, Assistant Finance Director
  • Bernadette McKay, Deputy City Attorney

TMRS Employee Committee Members:

  • Melody Woosley, Executive Team
  • Wanda Williams, Manager
  • Gerardo Gonzales, Professional
  • Moises Zuniga, Paraprofessional
  • Dora Jean Flores, Office/Clerical
  • Espiridion Sandoval, Service Maintenance
  • Mark Guerrero, Technician
  • Manuel Olague, Skilled Craft
  • Diana Cortez, Protective Services
  • Gene Camargo, Retiree
  • Eddie Garcia, Retiree
  • Morris Chase, Retiree
  • Julia Castellano-Hoyt, Retiree
  • J. Rolando Bono, Retiree

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The City understands the importance of your benefits, and is committed to keeping you informed.