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New! Virgin HealthMiles Program

people walking With the new Virgin HealthMiles Program, regular, full-time, civilian employees can earn contributions, up to $500, to their Health Savings or Flexible Spending Account in 2013 by remaining active throughout the year. Click here to register for the Virgin HealthMiles Program.

Who is Eligible?

All regular, full-time, civilian employees are eligible to participate in the Virgin HealthMiles Program.

How Does It Work?

Through the Virgin HealthMiles Program, you have the ability to track your physical activity with the use of a GoZone activity tracker (pedometer) to earn HealthMiles (points). These HealthMiles then translate to contributions to your Health Savings/Flexible Spending Account, up to $500 for 2013.

  • Contributions are based on five (5) reward levels. New members start out at Level 1;
  • The more activities you complete and physical activity you incorporate into your daily routine, the more HealthMiles you earn;
  • Physical activity is tracked through your GoZone activity tracker and online account. It takes approximately 7-10 business days to receive your GoZone activity tracker from the time you register;
  • You have one year to reach Level 5 to earn the full $500 contribution; and
  • Contributions are automatically added to your Health Savings or Flexible Spending Account.
Level HealthMiles (Points) Reward
(HSA/FSA Contribution)
Level 1 Up to 5,999 None
Level 2 6,000 - 11,999 $25
Level 3 12,000 - 23,999 $75
Level 4 24,000 - 35,999 $125
Level 5 >36,000 $275
Total Contribution Once Level 5 Has Been Reached $500

Eligible Activities:

For the new Virgin HealthMiles Program, eligible activities include:

  • Tracking your daily activity,
  • Participating in health challenges,
  • Attending and participating in Employee Wellness Program events, and
  • Demonstrating an improvement to your overall health and well-being.

Additional Information

Complete program details, including information on how to order your GoZone activity tracker and all of the ways you can earn HealthMiles can be found in the Virgin HealthMiles Information Sheet.

Have questions about the Virgin HealthMiles Program? Contact Virgin HealthMiles directly at 1-866-852-6898 or, your department’s Wellness Ambassador, or your department’s Human Resources Generalist or Specialist.