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Can I add my stepchildren or foster children to my health plan?
Yes. Effective with health care reform, an eligible dependent includes a biological child, stepchild, adopted child, or foster who is under age 26. Validation information is required to add a dependent.

I have parents living with me and I am responsible for their care. Can I add them to my medical plan?
No, only spouse and eligible dependents may be added to your medical plan.

My grandchildren live with me. Can I add them to my health plan?
No, only legally adoptive children and children whom you are the legal guardian can be covered under the medical plan.

My girlfriend/boyfriend and I live together. Can I cover his/her children on my health plan?
No, only a legal spouse (common law spouse with a certificate of informal marriage) is allowed to participate. Only biological children of the employee and stepchildren living in your home are allowed to participate in the medical plan.

I am a newly hired employee. What is the default benefit and when must I elect my insurance?
The default insurance is the Value PPO at the employee only level of coverage. All elections must be made within 31 days of hire.

Can I cover my children from a previous marriage if they live with their mother?
Yes, biological children of City employees are eligible to be covered.

I am a civilian employee, and my spouse is a San Antonio Police Officer. Can I enroll on his/her uniformed medical plan?
Yes. You will need to sign a civilian Waiver of Coverage form from Employee Benefits before enrolling as a dependent on another City plan. Submit the signed civilian Waiver of Coverage form to your Human Resources Specialist.

I'm recently divorced. Can I keep my former spouse on my health plan?
No. You have 31 days to notify Human Resources Customer Service at (210) 207-8705 of the status change so that we can offer your former spouse the option to continue medical coverage through COBRA.

What if I forget to remove my former spouse from my health plan within the 31 days allowed?
Once the City becomes aware of the qualifying event, coverage for the ex-spouse will retro-terminate to the divorce date and any medical claims paid for services will be refunded to the City. Any claims paid for dates of service after divorce date will be the employee's and/or ex-spouse's responsibility.

What if my divorce decree says I have to provide medical coverage for my ex-spouse?
Medical coverage will be available through COBRA.

If in three months I don't use the health insurance, can I stop paying for it?
No. The only way to make mid-year changes to your benefits elections is if a qualifying event has taken place. The most common qualifying events are birth, marriage, divorce, death, and a spouse's gain (or loss) of employment.



What dental plans does the City offer non-uniformed employees?
The City currently offers two dental plans: SafeGuard Dental HMO administered by MetLife and CitiDent PPO administered by MetLife.

Does my entire family need to be enrolled in the dental plan?
No. You can select a coverage level based on your personal needs.

Do I need to complete an enrollment form?
The CitiDent PPO plan does not require a separate enrollment form. If you select the SafeGuard/MetLife DHMO plan, a SafeGuard/MetLife DHMO Enrollment form must be completed.

Who are the network providers?
The CitiDent PPO plan does not require use of a network. SafeGuard/MetLife DHMO directories are available at

Do I need an identification (ID) card?
Upon enrollment in either plan, identification cards will be issued to you. If you do not have an ID card, you may give the provider your social security number and the proper phone number for verification of benefits. SafeGuard/MetLife DHMO and CitiDent PPO eligibility can be reached at1-800-880-1800.


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