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Frequently Asked Questions About Employment

What about interviews?
After the evaluation, the eligible-for-hire list is established. When a hiring department must fill a vacant position, the hiring supervisor or a delegate will review resumes and select applicants for interviews from the eligible-for-hire list. Selected applicants will be contacted by telephone, mail, or email.
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What does the background screening consist of?
The City of San Antonio is committed to protecting the community and individuals by taking affirmative steps to avoid hiring individuals who represent a risk to the City or community. The purpose of conducting background screening is to conduct a thorough search of an applicant's criminal history, employment records, professional and personal references, education, motor vehicle records, and drug usage. Other screenings may be conducted based the level of responsibility, access and requirements of the position or Department.
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Where can I find information on creating a cover letter and / or resume?
Several online resources provide recommended guidelines for creating cover letters and resumes.
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What does the minimum and maximum salary mean?
Some job postings list the minimum and maximum salary for each job classification. This is the established salary range.  If the position is in pay plan A or B, the majority of new hires will begin at "step" 0 and will receive a one "step" increase annually once the pay plan is fully implemented. The maximum salary is what the employee will be paid once they have reached the final pay "step" assigned to their classification.

While middle managers and executives have a minimum and maximum salary, these positions receive pay advances on the approval of the City Manager based upon periodic review of the individual employee's work performance.
Under some special circumstances, new employees can be hired at a higher step in the event that the labor market requirements or unusual qualifications of a candidate for employment make it necessary.
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What does the "an equivalent combination of relevant experience and education may be considered" mean?
Experience can be used to make up for lack of education on a two to one ration; i.e., two years of related paraprofessional or professional level experience equals one year of college-level education.
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After I apply, how long will I be considered for a position?
If you have met the minimum qualifications for the position, your name will be placed on an "eligible-for-hire" list. Your name will remain on the list for a period not to exceed six months depending on the position for which you applied.

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