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The City of San Antonio's mission is to deliver quality City services and commit to achieve San Antonio's vision of prosperity for our diverse, vibrant, and historic community.

Our approximately 11,000 employees are critical in the delivery of quality services to the residents of the City of San Antonio. The commitment our employees demonstrate to their jobs and to the advancement of the City's goals are the key to our success in mission accomplishment.

The City of San Antonio has identified four Core Values that represent who we are as a City organization, professional, productive, creative, and ethical. They are the driving force behind our success as a public service team.

To ensure commitment to these values and to further integrate them with our organizational mission and vision, it is imperative that we seek these behaviors in the people we hire.

City of San Antonio Core Values

Teamwork - We work together to make San Antonio better.
Integrity - We model ethical behavior.
Innovation - We are driven by continuous improvement.
Professionalism - We are qualified, skilled, and committed.

By clicking the "I Agree" button below, you will advance to our job announcements and are committing to uphold and value the City of San Antonio's Core Values should you become an employee of the City of San Antonio.

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