Inner City TIRZ #11

 St. Paul Square

Description: This TIRZ was designated in 2000 to support redevelopment and public infrastructure improvements within the boundaries of the following three enterprise zones: 1) Enterprise Community Enterprise Zone 2) Eastside Enterprise Zone 3) Southside Enterprise Zone. These areas encompass portions of the City's downtown, east and south sides. The zone is approximately 2.5 square miles and is expected to capture $16.5 million in tax increment in its life of 14.79 years.

Significant Projects:

  • Hays Street Bridge - Restoration of this historic bridge brought a much anticipated link to downtown from the city's eastside.
  • Eastside Sports Complex - In addition to improving the attractiveness of the neighborhood, this facility offers positive alternatives for neighborhood youth that reside in poor distressed neighborhoods and face social problems that range from crime, drug use and gangs.
  • Quiet Zone - This project relieves noise along the Union Pacific rail line from Essex Street on the south to Sherman Street on the north, a major economic development commercial node, and will facilitate further commercial development in the area.
  • University of the Incarnate Word Eastside Eye Clinic - This clinic will offer an optometry clinic and pharmaceutical, nursing and nutritional counseling. TIRZ funding will enable discounted services to the surrounding community.
  • Dr. Frank Bryant Family Health Center - This project will add an estimated 64 new full-time jobs and serve over 22,000 patients in its first year.

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