Affordable Housing Overview

Re-Building neighborhoods in San Antonio.

The Affordable Showcase of Homes or "Partners Rebuilding Neighborhoods" was established in 1995 as a public/private partnership which seeks to revitalize the inner-city by increasing the number of affordable housing units. This initiative has been unmatched in other cities. The objective is to assist areas that are beginning to show signs of deterioration through targeting vacant lots for new homes. Homes are made available to low and moderate income families and compliment the existing character of homes in the community. The goals of the program are to provide affordable housing, generate an economic boost to the local economy, and improve the beautification and quality of life in the community.

Undeveloped Parcel (empty land) to Developed Community (neighborhood with homes)

Programs Goals

  • Promote revitalization efforts in targeted neighborhoods
  • Enhance the appearance of a neighborhood
  • Develop and / or reuse land for productive use
  • Add increased value to the tax rolls
  • Promote new housing construction and new housing products
  • Encourage homeownership and increase the inventory of affordable housing units
  • Develop partnerships with the public and private sectors
  • Develop mixed-income neighborhoods

Program Plan

  • The City acts as the developer of a residential subdivision
  • City Council designates funding for affordable housing
  • Council members and City staff together with community determine a preliminary development plan
  • City staff works with a private engineer to conduct research of the site, create a subdivision plan, and design streets and other infrastructure
  • City staff works with a contractor to build infrastructure
  • City partners with the Greater San Antonio Builders Association to distribute lots to individual home builders