Design Zoning Districts

The Design Zoning Districts include overlay and base zoning districts with specific development standards. These include Neighborhood Conservation Districts, Corridor Overlay Districts and other Special Zoning Districts. To view district design standards manuals, visit the Planning Library. The Design Zoning districts include:

Arts and Entertainment Districts

The Arts and Entertainment (AE) Districts are designed to support existing arts and entertainment venues and promote the creation of new venues and supporting uses.  The AE Districts facilitate infill development and redevelopment by creating a consistent pattern of zoning and establishing an identity that may be utilized to attract investment. All of the AE Districts require quality building design and a pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use environment.

Corridor Districts

Corridor Districts include Gateway, Metropolitan, and Preservation Corridors.  Gateway Corridors follow major highways in order to protect both developed and undeveloped areas from visual blight. Metropolitan Corridors follow arterial streets or expressways in developed portions of the city in order to reduce the existing visual clutter, improve design features, and preserve developed areas of the city.  Preservation Corridors follow roadways having unique historical significance, natural vistas and unique scenic environments in order to protect these assets from visual blight.

Form Based Zoning Districts

The Form Based Zoning District (FBZD) was established to allow a development pattern that is organized, compact, pedestrian-oriented and mixed-use. FBZD requires simultaneous planning of adjacent parcels to establish a hamlet, village, regional center and/or infill development that addresses transportation corridors and public spaces that are planned in coordination with proposed and existing land uses.

National Highway System High Priority Corridor District

The purpose of the National Highway System High Priority Corridor overlay zoning district is to create a more attractive, cohesive, and safe environment for visitors, freight traffic and area residents.  Additionally, this zoning district seeks to create favorable impressions of San Antonio and to enhance the appearance and economic viability of areas along interstate highways through the reduction of visual chaos and limited driver distractions along public roadways.

Neighborhood Conservation Districts

There are many unique and distinctive residential neighborhoods and commercial districts which contribute significantly to the overall character and identity of the City of San Antonio. The establishment of Neighborhood Conservation Districts aims to preserve, protect, enhance, and perpetuate the value of these residential neighborhoods and/or commercial districts.