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River Walk Accessibility

Since the early 1980’s, the City of San Antonio has been active in eliminating architectural barriers and in creating wheelchair accessibility to and along the River Walk. The City has improved more than 50 locations during these two decades, generating new ramps, pathways and, with the help of private businesses, new elevators. Through the joint efforts of the Planning, Public Works and Parks Departments, the City continues with improvements that fulfill both the spirit and the intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The challenge is to provide more access while maintaining the unique character of the River Walk. The City intends to meet this challenge and, with community support, make the River Walk continually more accessible and usable to all people.

River Walk Path
River Walk Path Ramp
River Walk Path Ramp
River Walk

City of San Antonio Disability Access Office
in partnership with the SA Parks Department

New Museum Reach Map Shows ramps, and paths along the River Walk (8x11 PDF)

Downtown River Walk Map River Bend Shows ramps, elevators and paths, along the River Walk's River Bend Section (8x11 PDF) Updated January 23, 2014

Downtown River Walk Map North Path Shows ramps, elevators and paths, along the River Walk's North Path (8x11 PDF) Updated November 6, 2013

Downtown River Walk and Attractions A good overview of downtown San Antonio (8x11 PDF)

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