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Temporary Street Closures

Temporary Street Closure Procedures for Block Parties

Requests for temporary street closures associated with block parties, festivals, etc. throughout San Antonio must be submitted to the Right-of-Way Management Division at least 30 calendar days prior to the date for which the closure is needed. This process is used to inform the Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, and VIA Metropolitan Transit for planning purposes as well as to ensure that the community follows the correct street barricading procedures for the safety of pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Information required in the letter for all street closures is as follows:

  1. Purpose of closure, e.g., festival, block party, etc.
  2. Name of streets to be closed and the names of the cross streets that they intersect.
  3. Dates and times of beginning and ending of closure.
  4. Statement as to whether or not anything, and alcohol in particular, will be sold in the public right-of-way.
  5. Permission in writing from all persons whose houses or businesses front the street being closed and from those whose driveways access that street.
  6. A person’s name, telephone number, and address as a contact for future information if necessary.
  7. Name of the barricade company which will provide barricades for the event (Please note that barricades must comply with the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices).
  8. A Street Closure Agreement form, which needs to be signed and returned to the Streets and Right-of-Way Management Division offices.

The cost for temporary street closures is $100.00 per block, per calendar day. Streets that are not primarily residential in character will not normally be considered for this type of closure. Please contact Right-of-Way Management at 207-7755 to request a temporary street closure permit.

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